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The Best Of British


VIVAT, Latin for “Long live! Is the phrase used at the Coronation Service of Queen Elizabeth II Where the The trumpets sounded and the choir cried “Vivat Regina! Vivat Regina Elizabetha! Vivat! Vivat! Vivat!” Meaning Long live the Queen!”. 

VIVAT keeps to this British theme by sourcing its water from the VIVAT Well on a British fully organic site in the rolling hills of Pembrokeshire. It is also vital that we drink water to remain healthy in order to live long. Which bring us to our tag line: 

May He or She Live Long. 

VIVAT has been going strong for over a decade. Long Live VIVAT! 


We think seriously about the environment so work with our bottling factory to continue to keep nature happy! 

Our organic farm in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales was purpose built as a bottling hall. This is a fully operational organic dairy farm, and the land is constantly looked after. The bio-diversification of this farm has gained it several accreditations, this is because of its emphasis on management of the land for the betterment of wildlife and plant species there. ​


A combination of reducing packaging, reducing waste to landfill, recycling on-site and using greener forms of energy (in addition to planting of trees) have yielded the following results: 

  • Reduced electricity by 30% year on year (despite growing in size!) 

  • Reduced oil use by 10% 

  • Reduced Carbon emissions by 45% 

  • Reduced waste landfill by 35% 

  • We’d like to be carbon neutral in a couple of years 

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